Wesley Wyndam-Price (brittish_ponce) wrote,
Wesley Wyndam-Price

Need to cut back...

Okay, I'm not sure how many can see this, so I'll put it up on my most used characters and my own journal (hence, it goes on Gunn first).

I'm over-extended. I love playing with all of you guys, and hate to let anyone down.

So here's the 411: I know for sure I'm staying at sunnydale_90666, uc_sunnydale (where I'm not actually Gunn), uc_at_sunnydale, angel_afterlife and nthelater.

Now, I need suggestions of where people really want me to stay, and where I can be either replaced, or come back when things aren't so hectic. Thoughts? Ideas?


Gwen/Gunn/Giles/Wesley/Maggie/Joyce/Anne/Willow/Lindsey and whomever else..
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