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I just shook my head

"I can't believe the two of you. Who's going to go after, if I don't come back?" They looked resolute. Great. No fighting with Fred. And fighting with Gunn would be useless.

"Fine, but we go loaded to the teeth, and if either of you get seperated from me, keep going. If what I'm planning doesn't work, it could well get me killed, understand?" Gunn gave me the slightest of nods.

I muttered, pretty much non-words, and turned to leave the room. I made sure I had everything before walking out the door. I was already very (how many of those can I used) pissed that Cordelia, Faith, and little Dawn had decided to go on their own. I didn't want to bury any of them come morning either. In fact, if possible,I didn't even want to inturn an urn either. I really did think Cordelia knew better.

"Are you ready?"

"Yo, bro, give us a break okay. He's our friend too." Gunn's voice sounded a little muffled, he was half way in, half way out of the weapons cabnet.

"I know that." I wouldn't fight this anymore.

"Willow had mentioned, way back when, a warehouse. She gave me directions. It's said to be burnt out, but there are several other's in that area of Sunnydale. With luck, (or without, I thought to myself bitterly) we'll find them there. I don't care what you or anyone else does to Drucila or the other vampire we heard of (I think). But we want Angel alive..er..you know what I mean. I want the chance to re-ensoul.

"And I have to other possiblities if this one doesn't work...after that, or if I die, he's dust. Well," I reconsidered, "Fred, you or Willow should be able to do either of the other two rituals." Up 'til that time I'd said magick. It was more than that.

It took a ritual to give him a "permanent" soul, it'll take one to give him back his cursed one. I took a deep breath, and for some reason thought of those curls women (and some men) sometimes got called "permanents" that never were...

"Let's go." I opened to door, and headed to the elevator and out of the building, without looking to see if they were behind me.
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